The LTA race track is currently the longest asphalt LSR surface available in the world today. The picture at left is quite deceiving due to the fact that it is over 2 5/8 miles long!



Procedure For Racing:
1) Line up in staging.
2) Follow the starter and steward instructions.
3) Only advance to the start line when directed by the start line staff.
4) When released by the starter, GO!
5) Pass through the timing trap.
6) Exit the short or long shutdown.
7) Retrieve your timing slip at the Timing Table.
8) Return to the pits via the return road.
9) Repeat as desired.


If Your Run Does Not Go As Planned:


If YOU are OK but you have a vehicle problem:


Exit the track to the left via any exit road and proceed to the return road. Please make every attempt to clear the track.


If YOU are INJURED or your vehicle is ON FIRE:


Go to the RIGHT side of the track.