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Land speed records are a dream of many, an obsession of some, and a reality for a determined few. It is a quiet pursuit made by quiet bodies in garages on late nights and endless weekends. They do not chase big dollar corporate sponsors,TV rights or umbrella girls. They are just quiet men with better physics, geometry and welding skills than interview smiles. Just quiet men with a idea, a dream scrawled on a napkin of what will be fast... faster... maybe the fastest in the world. Our sport thrives on this quiet determination to build something that embodies the unique vision of each competitor.               


The LTA has established a Code of Conduct.  It is a supplement to the rule book and is designed to govern our participants actions at the events. For the most part they are common sense, but we just want to make them clear for everyone.


  The 10 Commandments of LTA Racing

  1) Safety First!

  2) Have fun

  3) Pit lane speed limit 10 mph...Period!

  4) Keep a fire extinguisher in plain view in your pit area.

  5) Pull your extinguisher pins.

  6) Don't exceed your required speed.

  7) Turn Right for Trouble.

  8) If you see or lose something on track, tell someone.

  9) Act like a 5 year old, get treated like one. (5 yr. olds can't drive)

10) Go Fast!




The goal of the LTA is to provide a safe and fun event for all of our racers, volunteers, and spectators.  In keeping with this goal, we ask that everyone conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism.






The LTA is based on an atmosphere of absolute trust.  I know that it is hard for most of us to comprehend, but a few racers are willing to break the rules of their class to set records. That is their burden to bear.  The LTA is not designed to act as Big Brother in policing our competitors, but if our rules are broken, the LTA will remove all of your records from our database, and you will be suspended from participating in our events.

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