Have a question? Below are the contacts for whatever questions you might have.

LTA Contacts

Tim Kelly

Event Director

Arrowsic, ME

(207) 227-1693


Joe Daly

Race Director

Long Island, NY

(516) 872-9387


Tim was born and has lived his entire life in Maine. He and his wife Linda live in Arrowsic, ME. As Event Director, Tim is responsible for registrations and administration of the records.


Contact Tim for Private Timing or Track Use - Volunteering - Event Sponsorship - Record Problems, Just about anything else

Joe is retired from the NYPD and is a Facilities Manager for American Airlines. He has decades of drag and LSR racing in the Special Construction Pushrod classes and is the best asset our organization has. He is also the only guy we know that can wear a white long sleeved shirt all day and not get a spot or crud on it.


As the LTA Race Director, Joe is responsible for making sure that the event is SAFE - FUN - FAST for everyone.

Contact Joe for  Rules Clarification - Car Tech questions - Just about anything else

Frank John

Motorcycle Tech

EV Technical Director

Brooklin, ME

(207) 266-5130


Frank John (yes, 2 first names) joined the LTA technical team in 2012 to oversee electric vehicles and as of 2021 became out motorcycle technical director. He also serves as our chief timer. Frank, is also the first person to EVER go over 200 on a registered, inspected, and plated electric bike (and it even looks like a bike).


Contact Frank with questions regarding: Motorcycle technical rules, Electric rules, vehicle design, pack design and safety and other technical questions.