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- Here are the rules to registering -

Our registraton populates the spreadsheet used to track records and issue certificates. Please take your time and complete the form and please do not take shortcuts. It will only take a few minutes, and it willl save literally hours of traking down information.  So:


1) Please select which event(s) you plan to attend.


2) Enter you Team name as you want it on your certificates.  If you don't care and your name is Joe Blow, please enter "BLOW RACING".


3) Addresses are mailing addresses (NY, not New York)


4) Please do not use "same" in any fields.


5) You must complete a form for EACH vehicle you are registering.


6)  In Message, Please put your vehicle # Class AND Please

     put the name that will be on the payment if the last name is

     different so we can match them to the registration.


7)  Once you are registered, please press the Add to Cart for

     the event registration.  Remember, You are not considered 

     registered until you have  submitted payment.

September Event

Both Events


Kirk Asselyn

Car Tech Director

Durham, ME

(207) 353-8837


Kirk Asselyn serves as our car tech director and races the famed "Twisted Drill Special". Kirk runs Asselyn's Garage in Durham, MEwith his wife Dana.


Contact Kirk with any questions reguarding car rules

Jesse Michaud

Motorcycle Tech Director

Caribou, ME

Jesse Michaud, a Caribou, ME native and resident took over for Joe Daly as Motorcycle Technical Director when Joe moved into the Event Director role in 2013. Can build, machine, and fix just about anything.

Contact Jesse with questions regarding: Motorcycle classes, motorcycle rules and technical questions.




Most changes are minor this year, mostly just cleanup and clarification.

1) 4 Point roll hoop corrected from 1 5/8 to 1 3/4" thanks to Kirk.

2) EV shutoffs and pack size clarifications per Frank.



In the interest of participant and spectator safety, new starting line procedures are being instituted that can be found on PAGE 1 of the rulebook.



To ensure a safe event, vehicles that are NOT STREET LEGAL are required to follow these procedures once in the hot boxes or at the line:

1)   Only team members preparing the vehicle are allowed in the boxes or within 5 feet of the vehicle.

2)   Team member shall wear full coverage cotton or wool clothing from neck to wrists and to ankles. Shoes shall be closed toe and heel. Gloves are required for engine priming and carburetor work.

3)   In the event of a fire, the LTA Team shall suppress the fire and assist while YOUR TEAM extracts your driver from the vehicle.

4)   No children are allowed in these areas.

5)   No photographers are allowed in these areas.


Toronto, Canada - For immediate release.


One of our LSR riders, Cliff Randall, at Randall Racing in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada will attempt to join the elusive Loring LSR '200mph Club' later this summer with his 2012 Canadian Kawasaki Motors custom built, street legal, 325hp Canadian Kawasaki ZX15HT 'hyper touring' bagger - in a standing mile.....Currently this bike is the fastest street legal bagger on the planet with a standing mile speed of 194mph in 2017. All done without the custom aerodynamics kit (built by Tricked Toys in Newmarket, Ontario) and the newly commissioned +75hp 1510cc built engine by Canada's finest engine shop, Scott Miller at Fast Company in Kitchener, Ontario.....The motor has been dyno tuned to perfection by none other than one of the best n2o tuners in North America, Danny at Champion Cycle in Toronto.


The only thing that can stop Cliff is a continued Covid lockdown.

No events at the moment
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