- Here are the rules to registering -

Our registraton populates the spreadsheet used to track records and issue certificates. Please take your time and complete the form and please do not take shortcuts. It will only take a few minutes, and it willl save literally hours of traking down information.  So:


1) Please select which event(s) you plan to attend.


2) Enter you Team name as you want it on your certificates.  If you don't care and your name is Joe Blow, please enter "BLOW RACING".


3) Addresses are mailing addresses (NY, not New York)


4) Please do not use "same" in any fields.


5) You must complete a form for EACH vehicle you are registering.


6)  In Message, Please put your vehicle # Class AND Please

     put the name that will be on the payment if the last name is

     different so we can match them to the registration.


7)  Once you are registered, please press the Add to Cart for

     the event registration.  Remember, You are not considered 

     registered until you have  submitted payment.

2020 Membership


September Event