Jason Theriault a Caribou Maine native and resident competes with his 1995 Nissan D-21 Hardbody pickup in BFSS. Powering the pickup is a SR20DET with a Garrett GTX 4202R turbo. Current best speed for Jason is 207.203 in the mile and half. Gols for 2014 include 200 in the mile and 225 in the mile and half.


Jason tells us " The truck is always changing. When I was young and first bought the truck it was red, I lowered it and put ground effects on it and a huge stereo. I would go to all of these audio contests for most DB's. I could flex the widnshield enough to crack it, heck back then I filled the floor with concrete to get more DB. Then the truck was purple and then green. When it was green it had the same basic drive line as now and was regularly driven on the street. After that I basically built a new chassis and thats when it was painted Orange. First time out with it was a NOPI Hot Import Nights in New Hampshire and won best of Show Custom and Best Engine Elite. Then the land speed bug hit me and have basically rebuilt the truck again. From bigger turbos, more saferty equipment....its never done, just another chapter"







Jason Theriault - JRT Customs

Racer Profiles

Ralphie Navarro from Fords, NJ competes in MPS/F 1000/4 with his BMW S1000RR motorcycle. Currently in the LTA's 200 mph club and has no intentions of slowing down. Ralphie is looking for 207 mph in the mile on a stock motor and 240 mph in the mile with street type body work and a turbo.


Plans for 2014 include a busy summer of drag racing and many LSR events. Recently Ralphie completed the Star Racing Pro Stock Motorcycle Racing School.







Ralphie Navarro

Steve Van Blarcom

Steve Van Blarcom the LTA's head vehicle inspector also runs his 1929 Ford Roadster in D/BFR. The Van Blarcom and Gilmore Racing entry is powered by a 302 c.i. small block Chevy with a blower. That coupled to a Jerico 5 speed and a Ford 9" rear end has sent Steve into 5 different 200 mph clubs!


Along with Steve, Ron San Giovanni JR also pilots #1946, dubbed the "Music Machine" from an early trip to Bonneville. Steve sends many thanks out to his crew, sponsers, family and friends who have helped him along the way and looks forward to 2014.







Jim Fischer, part of Riley, Fischer and Witt set out in 2013 to set multiple lad speed records on both a Evo base Sportster and a Ironhead. 2013 proved to be very good to the team as they set 8 new land speed records. 146.9mph was top speed on the Ironhead and 176.4 mph on the Evo.


Jm sends great thanks out to his entrie team, Pingel, Autometer, Andrews, Magnetrol and S&S







Jim “Jimbo” Fischer